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Watching a football match in England

Football is considered the king of sports, but there seems to be 2 words describing this sport. The two terms “soccer” and “football” can be very confusing for a lot of people, but especially in American. To help everyone understand these terms correctly, here are the things you should know about an English football match if you are ever happen to be in the middle of one.

Road and mountain cycling in Spain

There are very few countries having the combination of natural beauty and intriguing history like Spain. The terrain makes Spain so suitable for many tourist activities, cycling is one of them. This activity should be the first thing to do for every tourists come to Spain.

Hiking and trekking in Spain

Spain is a Mediterranean area with the good terrain for many activities like biking or enjoying the Spanish food, but the most interesting is hiking.

Amsterdam Ice Skating

Ice skating is a wonderful wintertime activity in Amsterdam. Locals hope for super cold weather to freeze the canals for a really special Amsterdam ice skating experience.

Mendoza Paragliding

Paragliding in Mendoza
Paragliding is a popular activities you can easily find in anywhere with your adventure – all you need is to find a mountain you’ll be sure to find somebody to supply you with equipment to fly off of it. However, to find an ideal place to paraglide like Mendoza is not easy.

Whistler Skiing

Skiing in Whistler
Skiing and snowboarding are the main activities for many visitors in Canada. Whistler Blackcomb in Canada is the best spot to do those. They say you haven’t seen powder until you’ve been to Whistler, plus the trails offer the very best in skiing and snowboarding for beginners and experts alike.